Association Incorporated Under Section 21
Registration No. 2006/024071/08
PBO 930028523

Recent Sponsors
Scatterlings is a new player in the South African Early Childhood development sector, providing early learning for South Africa’s children, thereby addressing one of South Africa’s most urgent needs – the development of young children. Scatterlings also offers holistic and practical teacher training programmes to enrich their delivery of quality early learning development for children in their care.
Further, Scatterlings intends, to work in the community and assist women to establish Scatterlings Day Care Centres throughout South Africa by means of a combination sponsorships and low-key business opportunities. It will also provide existing centres with the Scatterlings Programme and the necessary training to run effective Day Care Centres.
  Scatterlings Goals
To expand and improve Early Childhood Education for all children especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children;
Increase the number of children beginning and completing primary school;
Provide parents and care givers with access to parenting and education and adult learning;
Promote gender parity;
Improve the quality of the overall Early Childhood education system;
Provide practical and ongoing teacher training together with the provision of daily curricula and teacher training materials
Provide employment opportunities to historically disadvantaged individuals in well equipped and professionally supported Early Childhood Centres.
Miracle baby care
and pre-school


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“It is my deepest conviction that children should be seen and heard as our most treasured assets. They are not ours to be used or abused, but to be loved and nurtured and encouraged to engage in life to the full extent of their beings, free from fear.”

“Nelson Mandela”
Former President of
South Africa