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Business Opportunities (Franchises)

Scatterlings offers private individuals, NGO’s and Corporate businesses the opportunity to open a Scatterlings day care centre or workshops centre.

Scatterlings (Pty) Ltd main aim is to create sustainability for the Scatterlings Ngo. Relying on donor funding is a very slow process in addressing the urgent need of education and job creation in our economically disadvantaged community.  Scatterlings Pty Ltd will use profits generated from selling franchises to companies and individuals, to establish day care centres in impoverished areas where parents cannot afford to educate their children.

This business model allows each company, each individual franchise owner and even the parents enrolling their children in our centres a way to play a role in supporting our large population of previously disadvantaged.

Corporates businesses can add another dimension to the employee’s wellbeing by opening day care centres for their staff.  Scatterlings will establish a day care centre on behalf of the Corporate, we will recruit teachers and managers to own and run the centre, with the full backing and support of the Scatterlings team.  This will enable the company to focus on their core business without having to be involved in the day to day running of the day care centre.

Individuals can own their own business and run a Scatterlings Centre from their home.  Many stay at home moms are looking for business opportunities and a Scatterlings franchise is a very profitable business opportunity with low overheads.

There are many day care centres offering their services in the Northern Suburbs. Often these centres are filled to capacity with long waiting lists. Scatterlings has identified the need for more day care centres to help ease the anxiety of parents wanting to provide only the best for their little ones.

Most of the early childhood education programmes are only found in the more affluent areas, we have various affordable franchise offerings covering the needs of our entire community.  

Most of the commercially available programmes concentrate on only one aspect of child development, in a range including:

a.  fine- and gross-motor education
b.  physical and brain stimulation through music
c.  cognitive and perceptual skills, and
d.  muscle tone and balance.

The limitations of existing programmes require that each of them must be attended separately with a parent, and none of them pay particular attention to the basic but critical aspects of nutrition, health and hygiene. Our variety of franchise offerings includes programmes that do not have to be attended with a parent as most parents are working and even some stay at home moms do not have the luxury of time to be able to attend these programmes with their child.  In addition our programme covers the whole spectrum of early child development

Our programme combines all of the above and includes creative movement, drama and nutrition and is specifically aimed at parents who cannot attend with their child.

The implementation of a Scatterlings day care centre is not exclusively available to people with specific teaching qualifications. The only qualification needed is a love of children and the drive to offer young learners the opportunity to participate in one of the best Curriculums available. Scatterlings is, however, strongly driven by the desire to implement an ethic of lifelong learning to empower all individuals in the education field and will be providing training that is in line with this principle.

Scatterlings offers 4 different business opportunities and these are tailored to suit the individual needs of the franchisee

Full Day Day Care Centres for babies and toddlers

Full Day Care Centre Franchise
Half Day, Day Care Centre Franchise
Workshops Franchise once off weekly workshops mornings and/or afternoons

Previously disadvantaged Urban and Rural areas
Scatterlings will assist female entrepreneurs from the disadvantaged community to establish their own day care centres – we obtaining funding on their behalf to cover the set up costs for the centre and ensure all centres comply with government regulations, provide ongoing teacher training and assist and equipment the owner with the tools necessary to run a successful operation

All who buy into one of the four business opportunities will receive the following:

  • Licence rights to a Scatterlings franchise
  • An ECD Owner’s manual
  • An ECD Management and administration manual
  • Teacher training manuals
  • Equipment lists
  • Curriculum manuals in line with current trends and ECD policies

Furthermore, Corporate leaders will receive the benefit of a hassle free implementation of an Early Childhood development centre as the Scatterlings team will assist in staffing and running the centre on a day to day basis.

For more information on our franchise offering please email the link below and a franchise pack explaining the different options will be sent to you.  If you would like to discuss the opportunities in person please click on the link and you will be contacted in due course.

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