Association Incorporated Under Section 21
Registration No. 2006/024071/08
PBO 930028523
Miracle baby care and pre school
THE BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURE GALLERY (click on images to enlarge)


This is the new nursery and they are being cared for properly and have a proper
structured curriculum to stimulate and teach the babies, each new nursery has
a ratio of one teacher to 8 or 10 babies.

  This is what the day care centre looked like before and how
the toddlers spent their day. There was one bathroom used
by the care givers and 50 children.

This is the new day care centre, the previous school was house in one 28m2 bachelor
apartment .  Seven bachelor flats have been renovated into one school and each age
group has their own teacher, the younger age groups have one teacher and one
assistant. They have a curriculum now, the children are learning and the teachers
are being trained by Scatterlings, in addition these teachers will all be enrolled in a
teachers training course, provide free and will receive their NQF level 5 qualification.

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