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Currently, ECD programs in South Africa exist mostly for the privileged few, and none of these programs address all the basic needs of very young children. Most of the commercially available programs concentrate on only one aspect of child development, which ideally should cover all of the following focuses

(a) fine- and gross-motor education;
(b) physical and brain stimulation through music;
(c) cognitive and perceptual skills; and
(d) muscle tone and balance. 

Effective ECD programs should also pay particular attention to the basic but critical aspects of nutrition, health and hygiene.

The Scatterlings day care programme will:

  • target, sections of South Africa’s historically disadvantaged communities that remain either economically or educationally challenged;
  • be designed to encourage social, physical, emotional and intellectual development  in young children;
  • concentrate on nutrition, hygiene, health and the prevention of avoidable illness; and
  • be culturally sensitive in its attempt to provide children with warmth and affection in a welcoming environment. 
  • Address the needs of the growing population of families in South Africa’s Inner Cities where facilities and ECD opportunities for young children are typically insufficient
  • Support ongoing teacher education and training, exposing them to practical and current best practice in ECD theory and practice and equipping them to enhance the effectiveness of their teaching curricula