Association Incorporated Under Section 21
Registration No. 2006/024071/08
PBO 930028523
Scatterlings is a South African organisation, providing early learning for South Africa’s children, thereby addressing one of South Africa’s urgent needs – the development of young children.
All the centre staff and teachers will receive ongoing training

  Our training programmes offer the following Health and Safety

  • A general overview on personal health and hygiene
  • Advice on keeping the site clean and safe
  • Recommendations about keeping the learners safe from environment
  Health hazards Health and Nutrition
  • Good general health policies
  • The importance of good nutritional practices
  • Healthy menu plans will be provided
  • An overview on vitamins and supplements
  Recognising Learning Difficulties and Special Needs
  • An overview of a supportive and inclusive environment
  • The Identification of learning difficulties
  • Environmental adaptations required to accommodate learners with special educational needs
  • Lesson adaptations required to accommodate learners with special educational needs.
  • Further support and intervention available for special educational needs.
  Emotional and Social Development
  • Helping children to adjust to new environments
  • Assisting children in the development of self-confidence
  • Enabling children to handle their feelings
  • Building self-esteem in young children
  • Promoting social development and healthy ways to interact socially with peers
  • Guiding children towards accepting and respecting different cultures,
  Backgrounds and different religions Behaviour Management
  • Identifying developmentally appropriate behaviour patterns
  • How to identify behaviour problems and what interventions need to be put in place
  The Learning Programme
  • Learning to be a competent practioner, leader or manager
  • Become skilled at being a tolerant, caring and supportive educator
  • Gaining in depth knowledge and understanding of the milestones children                                                 reach at various stages of their development
  • The implementation of activities for enhancing the development of young learners                                   
  • The use of various techniques for working with individuals, small groups and large groups
  The ECD Centre
  • Playroom and outdoor play area plans are supplied
  • Understanding the evaluation process in the planning of these areas.
  • Training in how to plan and evaluate lessons
  • Detailed dissemination of each lesson plan and the methodology thereof
  • Explanation and training in module planning and preparation
  How To Assess And Report Learners Progress
  • Detailed training in methods of assessment
  • The planning of reports
  • The use of assessment to improve teaching methods
  Management And Administration
  • Enrollment and admissions procedures
  • Record systems
  • Accounting systems